Priorities for 2009

8 01 2009

Happy New Year!

WCA board members have been making a list of priorities for the coming year.

Some residents have recently suggested we focus on the following, but we’d like to open the floor (so to speak) and get other feedback too.

We need to know what’s most important to you. Is it:

  • Traffic issues
  • Parking
  • Co-oridinating Westboro Garage Sale
  • River clean-up event (with Westboro Beach CA)
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Intensification/Infill development
  • Clare Garden Park

Please use the comments (located at the bottom of this post) to share your ideas.

Thank you!




6 responses

9 01 2009
Allan Miller

pedestrian issues

9 01 2009
Susan McClelland

pedestrian safety, traffic and parking seem to be related especially for anyone who lives near Byron Ave and/or on a street that feeds from Richmond to Carling.

Westboro Garage sale would be great

Not on your list, but would rally like to see a dog park in Westboro where dogs can go off-leash, especially now that the Experimental Farm does not allow dogs off-leash – off leash park is good for dogs and a good way to meet people in the neighbourhood.

9 01 2009
Colin Sparks

I agree with the poster that pedestrian safety and traffic are linked. I think that the WCA needs to pressure Councellor Leadman to take proactive steps to deal with the issue at City Hall.

10 01 2009
Lorraine Farkas

Intensification/Infill development is most important to me. Thank you for asking!

10 01 2009

Intenisfication does not need to equal more height. More height leads to a city-like environment rather than a village/residential one (which, ironically, is what attracts the condo buyers).
Infill with monster homes is not intensification, but the opposite.

Doing something about Westfest
Loud music until 11 pm on school and work nights is not acceptable. Last year residents were subjected to Westfest music on Thursday and Sunday nights during a time when our high school students were studying for final exams. Does the music have to be so loud that residents can hear it 10 blocks away? that homes close by are shaking throughout the week-end? Who does it really benefit? the residents or the retail businesses?

23 01 2009

I also agree that the pace of intensification and infill are a serious concern. As to traffic, has the WCA made any representations to the City about the proposed transit expansion plans? (Not sure if that is a ‘done deal’ at this point).


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