Light rail

7 11 2008

This just came in from the Councillor’s office:

Dear Ottawan,

A vast paradigm shift is presently underway in Ottawa and around the world. The unstable cost of petroleum products is forcing all governments to re-think how the public sector invests in transportation.

We are convinced that Ottawa needs a Light Rail Now! plan for this city in response to these new economic conditions. This means beginning construction of a light rail service that goes where people want and need. The current plan does not achieve this purpose at all. It is a bus first plan that will spend 450 million immediately on new buses and new garages and this figure doesn’t include all the new asphalt for new transitway pavement, bridges and supporting roads.

The great problem here is the bigger the bus system grows, the bigger the draw down on taxpayers and riders becomes, but as electric rail service grows costs are reduced as is pollution. For example, the brand new Luas line in Dublin generated a profit of 6.6 million euros last year. The current Ottawa plan will continue to increase fares, continue to seek urban transit levy increases and provide little new service.

We ask you to come out on November 17 (10:30 a.m.) at the “Gladstone” Theatre, 910 Gladstone Avenue, to join us for presentations on how we can move forward immediately with fast, efficient light rail service on Carling and to all other parts of the city from Orleans, Kanata, Barrhaven and Riverside South. Your questions will be welcome and a light snack will be served courtesy of the Preston St. BIA.

Please support us by coming out and e-mailing your Councillors and the Mayor for a Light Rail Now! plan for Ottawa.


Councillor Christine Leadman
Kitchissippi Ward

Councillor Clive Doucet
Capital Ward





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