Design, developers, and the community

28 10 2008

There was an article in the October 27 Ottawa Citizen about residents of Old Ottawa South winning some concessions from a developer in the form of cosmetic changes to the design of two massive townhouses set to replace a 1,200-square-foot home.

Read the article online here.

This part should be of interest to Westboro residents:

Community design plans “will become an important tool for controlling esthetics, size and height,” Mr. Doucet says. “They are a detailed response to the Official Plan’s requirements for intensification.”

About a dozen community design plans have been completed so far, and Mr. Doucet estimates there could eventually be at least 100. Old Ottawa South begins working on its plan next year.

“The community is going to be exercising much more control over the landscape. We’re hoping it will become the vehicle that will bring quality control to intensification.”

But, says Mr. Doucet, the vision of communities is not always aligned with that of city hall.

“The city doesn’t want this to happen,” he says, noting that city officials have not yet approved Westboro’s community design plan because it “puts teeth in the height limits.”



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29 10 2008
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