resolution to change the WCA boundaries

8 10 2008

At our last meeting the WCA Board approved the following resolution to be presented to the members at the AGM:

Whereas the western boundary of the WCA currently runs along the centre of Golden Avenue;

And Whereas there is currently no active community association operating in the area to the west of Golden Avenue;

And Whereas the WCA has received requests for assistance and representation from residents living in the area west of Golden Avenue:

Be It Resolved that the western boundary of the Westboro Community Association be moved west from Golden Avenue to Denbury Avenue (and the lot lines extending from Denbury south to Carling Avenue and north to the Transitway.

We will be discussing the change of borders at our coming AGM, at which time those with paid memberships will be able to vote.

Membership forms are available online here (if you would like one in advance) but will also be available at the AGM.




5 responses

8 10 2008

Oh good… while we’re on the subject of boundaries, I would sure like to know why it is that people living in that part of Westboro that is north of the Transitway are no longer considered to be living in Westboro while people living south of Dovercourt – who aren’t in Westboro at all – are considered to be living in Westboro. Does anyone seriously believe that someone living at Cole and Carling gives a hoot what happens in Westboro Village, especially compared to people living just north of the Transitway? Meanwhile, the goings on at the beach that is in Westboro are under the perview of another CA, even though Westboro Beach is an integral part of Westboro. ‘Westboro Beach’ is just that, a beach in Westboro. It isn’t a community. Westboro is.

9 10 2008

As a “southie” who lives south of Dovercourt, I disagree. We feel a strong connection to Westboro Village, as to those on our street. Hope to see you at the AGM!

9 10 2008

time for a name change…west of the middle of golden ain’t westboro. so we take over highland park, next is it mckellar?

9 10 2008
Gary Ludington

During the past year since our last AGM, the WCA BoD has heard from a number of people living west of Golden about issues, asking for assistance and asking to join the WCA. We understood from some of these people that the Highland Park Ratepayers Association was not active and hadn’t had a meeting in more than a year. Based on this information we thought this would be one way of helping. If this is a problem we don’t have to introduce the resolution and can drop the matter.

15 10 2008
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