Westboro Station Phase 2: Urgent Update

11 08 2008

City planning staff have submitted their report and are recommending approval of the proposal with no changes.

The report will be considered at the next meeting of the city’s Planning and Environment Committee on Monday, August 18th beginning at 9:30 am. in the Champlain Room at City Hall, 111 Laurier Avenue.

This is the last opportunity for the community to express its views on this development before it goes to full City Council for approval. The WCA plans to address the committee and encourages other community members to do so too or submit comments in writing.

To register to speak, you must notify the Committee coordinator (Rob Tremblay, 613.580.2424 ext. 28828 / rob.tremblay@ottawa.ca) or fill out a Request to Speak form available at the beginning of the meeting. Presentations may not exceed 5 minutes. Written submissions must be sent to the same person by end of day on August 15th.

Note: only groups and individuals who make oral or written submissions to Planning Committee will have the right to take part in any Ontario Municipal Board hearing if this proposal is appealed.

We invite you to copy the WCA on your submission or request to speak. Our email address is hellowestboro@yahoo.ca.




5 responses

19 08 2008
Liam Casey

Well, despite the fact that both the official plan and the CDP call for heights of 4 to 6 stories the planning committee unanimously approved 8 stories without any debate. The planning department seems to have found a general out in the official plan that any but the most obtuse builder can exploit to have any height he wants. Good luck in stopping any other developments now in Westboro

20 08 2008

Or we could try supporting future developments?? Just a thought.

20 08 2008

I like that idea! But why start there? We should be proactive and conjure up some development of our own.

We should approach the owners of the pharmacy/Starbucks building opposite the Westboro Station development and urge them to come up with a proposal for an 8-storey building on their side of the street to be built just after all the new Phase II tenants move in. With the CDP and just about everything else having been violated to build Phase II, there’ll be no stopping it, especially since such a development will be complementary to Phase II and will correct the imbalance in the streetscape created by Phase II. Oh, and we’d be supporting it, of course. The owners of the houses immediately to the north could become part of the development, giving up their properties in exchange for an upper-level condo or a cash buyout.

One side benefit is that we’d find out if those extra two storeys on Phase II were really about stepping back or if they were in fact about selling high-value lofts with a view. If the new owners complain, it’s the latter, if not, it’s the former.

3 09 2008

It’s funny how everyone hates change and progress in there community but doesn’t mind how there property value skyrockets because of infills such as this project. You live in the city and the city has to grow. If you don’t like it move to the country… or Picton or something… jeeezz…

17 09 2008

change is not the problem. How change happens and who is in control is the issue. change is good. a weak planning process that panders to developers is bad. change and development will happen, we need a process to ensure to meets a variety of LONG TERM needs. we should be planning with a European perspective that these buildings will be there for hundreds of years. Lets not be in a rush to erect some crap.

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