300 Richmond Road: WCA Response to OMB hearing

4 06 2008

– We’re extremely disappointed both with the OMB’s decision and the City’s decision not to defend the earlier ruling of its own Committee of Adjustment and the provisions of the Richmond Road/Westboro Community Design Plan (CDP). As this is only the second OMB appeal since City Council approved the CDP in June 2007 (the other involves a proposal for 747 Richmond), this sets a dangerous precedent that could have a strong domino effect on the nature of all redevelopment and intenstification within the Westboro Village portion of Richmond Road and beyond.

– The WCA was not and is not opposed to redevelopment and intensification along Richmond Road in general, or this property in particular, provided that what is proposed respects the spirit and letter of the CDP. We opposed this proposal because its density (Floor Square Index) is almost four times the limit set within the CDP and twice what is allowed under the current zoning. Like the Committee of Adjustment, we felt that this proposal was not a “minor variance.”

– We feel this raises a very troubling question: why does the City’s planning department seem to be playing lip service to a process & plan that is the result of hundreds of hours of input from community volunteers and has been endorsed by City Council? It is Council that is elected to represent us yet planning staff are adopting position that clearly undermine its authority.

Wallace Beaton



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4 06 2008

I’ve asked this before, and I’ll ask it again: on what page or section of the approved Richmond Road/Westboro Community Design Plan does an FSI provision appear? A link to the exact page on the City’s website would be even better.

4 06 2008

this link


says that 300 Richmond has CDP proposed zoning FSI of 2.0.

4 06 2008

So what info is correct? According to that link, the CDP proposal is for an FSI of 2.0, yet in the third column, the City’s proposed zoning change appears to eliminate the FSI. Where does this whole FSI of 1.0 come from??? I am certainly not a planner, but no wonder the OMB was confused, this is ridiculous!

4 06 2008

FYI: This is a PDF copy of the zoning changes that were approved by Planning Committee on June 26, 2007 and Council on July 9, 2007. The WCA presented this as evidence at the OMB hearing on April 10, 2008 and it was was accepted by all parties at the hearing.

6 06 2008

Thanks Andrea for posting that. What document is that and how come it is not readily available to the public as is all the ‘erroneous’ documentation? Also why would it be relevant as it indicates that it is only a ‘proposed’ FSI…when is this slated to be approved and put into effect as a bylaw, because the current ‘zoning’ in no way reflects this so called ‘approved’ change?

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