The final word from the OMB re: 300 Richmond Road

28 05 2008

This is an update to this post regarding the future of the former used car lot at 300 Richmond Road (at Eden).

The OMB has finally handed down its decision. To summarize: We lost the appeal and will be discussing our options at our upcoming board meeting. We will be posting a more detailed response here soon.

Click here to read the full text of the OMB decision in PDF format. If you haven’t been aware of this issue, know that this decision is of critical importance to the future of Westboro Village.




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29 05 2008

It’s not really a surprise that the WCA lost this one. It’s argument boiled down to the fact that the proposed FSI of 3.7 was above the current 2.0, which will supposedly be reduced to 1.0 in the CDP. I say supposedly because I can’t find any such reference in the CDP – what section or page is it in, because I’ve read the entire thing and haven’t seen it. I’ve seen the height reduction from 24 to 15 m, but not the supposed FSI reduction. That doesn’t help the case (though the OMB didn’t seem to notice that it’s not true), but even if it was present… it’s idiotic. An FSI of 1.0 in a traditional main street mixed use zone doesn’t even make sense. Few of the two-storey buildings would comply with that (e.g. the building just across the street that the Miss Tiddleywinks is in will be in excess of 1.0). Even 2.0 is pushing it; 2.5 would make more sense in an area with 5-6 storeys permitted. Anyone at the OMB will know that an FSI of 1.0 in a mixed use zone is insane and will likely dismiss the testimony of anyone who promulgates it. If the OMB members believed that the CDP contains such a provision, they would likely end up regarding the document as not being founded in reality.

The WCA could probably have argued it down to an FSI of 2.5 and might even have succeeded in getting it down to 2.0. But arguing for 1.0 was doomed to failure from the outset. Instead, a precedent for 3.7 has been set.

30 05 2008

The OMB document makes a lot of references to the design of the building. Are these posted anywhere for us to see?

4 06 2008
some visuals re: 300 Richmond Road « Hello Westboro

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4 06 2008
300 Richmond Road: WCA Response to OMB hearing « Hello Westboro

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4 06 2008

Thanks for posting that photo of the streetscape with the new building. However, it seems to be that the roof of the Forbie Activewear building has been cut off?!? It has a peaked roof which is quite a bit higher if memory serves me correctly! Also, there was reference made to not being able to see the houses on Eden, yet if one looks at the whole streetscape, you cannot see any of the houses behind BF Vacuum or the rest of the block either!??! Final note, rumour has it that BF Vacuum is about to start renovation on its building which is going to consist of the addition of at least one more floor. If this is the case, then it helps mitigate the height of the new building. Oh yeah, and from what I understand of the whole FSI thing, I agree with David…an FSI of 1.0 is insane, it means that more than half of the existing buildings along Richmond Road would not even satisfy the new CDP…not to mention the CDP is striving for heights in the 4-6 storey range. Given the range, how in the world would you ever be able to build a structure that tall and maintain an FSI of 1.0??? Can anyone shed some clarity on this one?

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