City and NCC hit stalemate over field in Westboro

8 04 2008

“The city and National Capital Commission have hit a stalemate over the future of a green field in Westboro.

The commission has long opposed the city’s designation of Rochester Field between Richmond Road and the Ottawa River Parkway at Broadview Avenue as open green space…” [Read the rest of the story here.]




2 responses

10 04 2008
Lynn Honsberger

Maybe it would help if the city said what it was going to do with the space, even if it were only a proper soccer field (that the local schools, recreation centre and soccer clubs could use). I don’t know if there are any regulation-size fields in the area.

10 04 2008

If the NCC wanted to develop it, they could, regardless of what the zoning says. What they can’t do is sell it to a developer unless the zoning is changed because no developer would want it. The best way to resolve this is to determine what the land was zoned or designated for when the NCC first acquired it, and, if it was designated for development, what was the purpose of the NCC’s acquisition – for park or for developing (what it is now is irrelevant – the NCC acquired all sorts of land for various things and never did what it intended to do). If it was designated as park originally, then park it should be sold as. If it was designated as urban but was acquired to be a park, then it should be sold as a park. Only if it was designated as urban and was acquired for development should it be sold as urban.

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