300 Richmond Road and Community Design Plan

24 03 2008

[edited with additional links]

As many of you know a Community Design Plan for Richmond Road was completed after more than two years of work by the City, 10 different community groups, local property owners, architects and developers. It was passed last July by City Council with a directive to staff to prepare the necessary change for the City’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law, which should happen this April.

Cassone Construction Ltd., the owner of 300 Richmond Road (corner of Richmond and Eden Ave.), applied to the Committee of Adjustment to build a 5 storey building that would basically fill the entire lot. The hearing was heard on Nov 21, 2006 by the Committee of Adjustment and the application was refused. Mr. Cassone filed an appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board. The OMB sent notice of the hearing dated Feb 22, 2008. The date of the hearing is April 10/11 2008. The WCA sent a letter to Councillor Leadman on March 7 seeking her help. Councillor Leadman will be making a request to Planning and Environment Committee at their meeting on Tuesday March 25th, and will be asking the City to defend the policy they approved last July. We need your support and help on this issue. Our request is being supported by Woodroffe North, McKellar Park and Woodpark community associations.

Please contact Councillor Leadman by email Christine.Leadman@ottawa.ca, phone 613-580-2485, FAX 613-580-2525 or by coming to the meeting on Tuesday.

Please note, the meeting starts at 9:30 AM and we have no way of knowing when this item might get heard.

  • Click here to view theRichmond Road/Westboro Community Design Plan.
  • Click here to view a PDF copy of our letter to Councillor Leadman.



2 responses

27 03 2008

Could you post any plans/elevations/renderings of this proposal and the 747 Richmond proposal if possible? I’m not familiar with what they look like.

6 04 2008
Gary Ludington

While we have drawings of what is proposed we do not have electronic versions and they are too large for my home scanner. The proposed building basically fills the lot from side to side and front to back. They are 5 storeys plus at 16M. As an example the height increase of the street from Richmond Road at Eden to Lincoln at Eden is approximately 18 feet so this proposed building would conceivably have an impact for some of the homes on Lincoln.

Our request for assistance from the City will be dealt with on Tuesday April 8 at Planning and Environment Committee.

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