Working towards a greener Westboro

5 03 2008

The Green Partnership Program has funds available for local community associations, service clubs, non-profit groups, local Business Improvement Agencies, and community members to undertake environmental enhancement or beautification projects on public properties. The program supports a broad range of clean and green environmentally focused projects such as: establishing wildflower meadows, butterfly habitats, restoration of natural habitat, installation of educational signs, designing and planting a floral display or community garden, schoolyard greening, and more! Deadline to apply for program funding is April 15, 2008.

The WCA is applying for this funding. What we’d like to know is this: what area(s) of Westboro do you think could use some “greening” ? Please post your ideas in the comments below. Thank you!




One response

8 04 2008

Along Richmond Road, right between some buildings (sorry I must look again to see where exactly) there is dead ‘spaces’ that would make great green spots – more grass, benches, even perhaps a very small and basic child structure – there just isn’t anywhere for little kids to play outside. I think Westboro would benefit by having a small park space that had a fountain and child structure (preferably not plastic – even just some large rocks and logs for kids to play on). Hey… what about a rock waterfall/fountain like what they have at Dovercourt perhaps in front of the church on Richmond and Churchill?? It’s asthetically pleasing, calming sound,kids love to walk over it and is a great focal point for that area.
I’m assuming no one has posted any suggestions since it’s hard to visualise green amongst snow. Tiss a shame, and yet I myself forgot to post this much earlier….

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