Councillor Leadman’s response to the WCA

15 01 2008

One December 14 2007, the WCA sent an email to Councillor Leadman with concerns about the potential closure of Golden Avenue. You can read the full text of that letter here.

Here is her response (dated January 14 2008):

The meeting that was held was the first public meeting in order to receive feedback on the issue. Like any public consultation comments are taken back, plans amended to address concerns that were brought forward. There was a good crowd out that night and recognize that there was significant contingent from The Exchange. The show of hands is based on the plan that was presented that evening. Once again, a revised plan will be presented which may not have the same results.

As stated that evening the traffic diversion component will be reviewed and studied and the results will be provided. In addition, there are no final recommendations that have been brought forward in the Area Traffic Management Plan as it has not been completed nor has it had its 2nd public consultation and feedback from the community. There are many things that staff will not do. This doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a good idea. On the contrary, staff have little connection to the community with few exceptions.

I would have to question what grid pattern you are referring to. A grid pattern exists south of Byron but not off of Richmond Road, as the access is limited due to the Linear green space. This was also done in Woodpark North when intensification at Ambleside saw high cut through traffic. However, this is not as aggressive.

The CDP speaks to “creating” linkages and enhancing our greenspace. It is not necessarily prescriptive in its vision. I would argue that adding greenspace would be a benefit not a hindrance in the community. I would also speak to the fact that our focus is on the movement of people and not necessarily cars. The biggest complaint in our community with development is traffic. Managing this and providing more livable spaces includes looking at potential opportunities that will benefit the community.

[/end of letter]




One response

9 02 2008

So…what’s your response/opinion? Or anybody’s?

I’m seeing a dearth of interest in this letter. Does that mean that the community is satisfied with the Councillor’s response, and that the greening of Golden Avenue can continue go ahead with the community’s support?

I’m not a resident of Westboro (former MacKellar Park resident), but in theory I support the Fused Grid concept and I like the idea of a councillor moving to de-pave a road in her ward, thereby saving the City on future maintenance and reconstruction of that road.

– RG>

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