New notice re: Golden Ave.

31 12 2007

A new sign has appeared at the corner of Golden and Byron.

It reads:

To consider an Application for Minor Variances to permit a driveway for access to the underground parking garage in a leisure zone, two reduced parking space lengths in the underground parking garage and an encroachment into the required sight triangle located at the southeast corner of Richmond Road and Golden Avenue.

Re: 401 Golden Ave & 416-426 Richmond Road will be heard on Wednesday, January 16 2008 starting at 1:00 p.m. Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, 101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa

[end of text]

That’s only two weeks away. Anyone who is interested in this issue should be at that meeting.




3 responses

4 01 2008

Does anyone know what this means?
Closing Golden? Not closing Golden?
Using public land? Not using public land?

An encroachment into “the required site triangle” doesn’t sound good for pedestrians or drivers.

4 01 2008

I believe they are looking at alternatives and presenting modified versions of the original plans… I recently found out that the idea to close Golden was brought forward by residents and not the developers. But it’s good to see that everyone is takig part in the discussios.

4 01 2008

In reply to Lynn and others.. this has nothing to do with the closing of Golden Ave. This notice is based on the original proposal with the access from the back of Phase 1 that crosses Byron Ave. There is a narrow buffer of land parallel to Byron that is zoned in a way that does not permit the access. This application is for a minor change to permit the access from Byron to the Bourk property. The development proposes to have a clock tower at the northeat corner of Golden and Richmond Rd. Currently this is not permitted and again they are seeking a minor change to the by=law to permit the clock tower. I will get a drawing showing the location so people can see if there is an impact.

Gary Ludington

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