Important update re: proposed closure of Golden

16 12 2007

It wouldn’t be a proper discussion without a site plan, would it?

A detailed site plan has recently been obtained from the Planning Department.

Here it is in PDF format.

It is dated October 12.

This site plan was not available for view at the public consultation on December 5th. Note the site plan identifies an appropriation of city-owned land to the west of Golden.



4 responses

17 12 2007
Glenn G.

This is worse than I thought, as it actually uses up part of the Byron Tramway Park rather than just Golden Avenue. The proposed walkway is marginally wider than the existing sidewalk, less if you factor in the fact that there were supposed to be two sidewalks, one on each side of the road. This walkway isn’t any more convenient than what we have now.

This proposal further alienates the relationship of the cenotaph to the village with an impassable trough. The present road is at least technically traversable at any point.

I cannot help but think this is just a scheme to increase development in the later phases of the project because the developers avoid having to account for the space for an access ramp within their own property.

17 12 2007
Carl N.

This is the only plan I’ve seen (couldn’t make it to the meeting), so it’s hard to judge, but I think it has some merit. It makes Golden into a pedestrian gateway, which could be good. Devil’s in the details though.

However, what is the plan for Byron and Roosevelt, which is also mentioned on the white Site Plan notice?
Is there a similar PDF plan or a description available for that?

Already, that intersection is a pedestrian hazard and a visual blight. If the intersection at Golden is lost, cars will speed even more through that stretch.
At the very least a 4-way stop is needed and the intersection needs a redesign.

In any case, any redevelopment of the Golden intersection should include ROosevelt/Byron at the same time to slow traffic on Byron and avoid funnelling more cars onto Roosevelt once Golden is closed.

17 12 2007

I do like the idea of closing Golden, but that visual plan isn’t very encouraging… In fact, it didn’t appeal to me at all! I don’t see why we should close a street for a big ramp? Now perhaps the illustration doesn’t properly show its beauty. So let there be more information, discussions, and visuals in the upcoming weeks! Thank you for sharing…

18 12 2007

This is not at all what was presented at the public meeting, once again we see politicians speaking with a forked tongue. With very little support for the project already no wonder they are hiding the more contentious issues.

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