Brief de-brief re: the November community forum

10 12 2007

The Westboro Community Association’s community forum on November 20 was well-attended. Thank you to all of you who came out that evening.

This was our first community event following our AGM in September and we were very pleased with the outcome. Our goal was to provide an opportunity for community members to give the Board of Directors guidance to help us prioritize our tasks for the coming year.

Kitchissippi Ward Councillor Christine Leadman was also in attendance.

Although there are many issues that affect Westboro today, the issue of traffic emerged as the top concern for Westboro residents. Smaller scale traffic-related issues which affect individual residents were all discussed, but it was made clear we need to look at the big picture as well. Business development, increased traffic volume, parking, public transit – these issues are all interrelated and affect each other.

Some of the issues raised included:

  • The Exchange: problems turning on to Richmond from Berkley
  • Westboro Station: impact on nearby residential streets, proposed closure of Golden.
  • Athlone at Scott: speeding and pedestrian safely
  • Eden at Richmond: lack of proper signage
  • Edison/Avondate: impact of residential intensification

The WCA has formed a transportation committee with a sub-committee to cover traffic issues. Our aim is to (a) educate ourselves on these issues to the best of our abilities and (b) best represent Westboro’s interests to Councillor Leadman and to the City of Ottawa.

If you are interested in traffic/transportation issues and have some knowledge in this area, please consider a volunteer position with the WCA. We can be reached at:




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