Beyond Ottawa 20/20 ?

25 10 2007

Ottawa residents are invited to participate in the City’s review of the Official Plan – an important part of the Beyond Ottawa 20/20 initiative. The Official Plan is reviewed every five years as directed by Ontario’s Planning Act.

Two supporting documents, the Transportation Master Plan and the Infrastructure Master Plan are included in the review.

City Council wants residents to have their say in how the city should manage its growth and take part in influencing the policies and strategic directions that guide the Official Plan and all the Master Plans.

To start the consultation process, staff have prepared a number of White Papers, which explain a variety of issues and options on topics such as intensification, transportation challenges, the environment and climate change.

Residents have also prepared Discussion Papers with recommendations for changes to the Official Plan and Master Plans as a result of the Rural Settlement Strategy Workshop held earlier this year.

For more info, as well as a schedule of upcoming events, go to the City of Ottawa website.

Also worth checking out: Ottawa Talks. Post your thoughts in this online forum. [Edited to add: wow – the forum is surprisingly complicated to use. Anyone try it out yet?]




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