City Growth Projections presentation; Property Tax Report for review

14 09 2007

1. A last-minute announcement has been received of an event entitiled “The Future of Ottawa’s Growth – 2006-2031 Population Projections / La croissance future d’Ottawa – Projections démographiques 2006-2031”. This event, to be held Monday September 17 from 6pm to 9pm at Festival Room at City Hall, appears to be the public release of city population projections in the context of revision of the Official Plan. The spoken presentation (presumably written material is available throughout) is to occur at 7pm. To attend the event you are to register by e-mail to by Friday Sept. 14 (i.e. instantly!!) No information about this event has been found on the city website.

2. The Property Tax Working Group has completed its report which can be found at .

The working group believe they have come up with a new system that is easier to understand, provides consistency and predictability to taxpayers, is transparent and, as a bonus, eliminates the need for MPAC and its associated expense. It differs from the current political party platforms, which are outlined in the document. Please review the proposal with your organization — the working group would like to discuss and, if possible, approve it at the next FCA meeting on Sept 27. If you have questions, please forward them to Don Stewart, Chair of the Property Tax Working Group at




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24 01 2008
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