Will the Westboro bakery stay in Westboro?

22 06 2007

We Westborians are all a-tizzy about the fate of our dear little bakery. And with just cause. We need fresh bread and sandwiches!

It’s early yet, but there’s a potential deal in the works between Westboro Bakery and the owners of the Baker Street Cafe on Richmond Road. Nothing is final, but this might mean the bakery will end up with a space inside Baker Street. (Which, by the way, serves a fantastic breakfast between 7:oo – 3 p.m. Run, don’t walk, and order their two egg breakfast. Or a cinnamon roll. They are made fresh daily.)

Despite some of the obvious overlap (the bakery and the restaurant both serve coffee and sandwiches) I hope something can be worked out.

The bakery’s new location on Hinton is a go. Anyone have more details about it?




2 responses

23 06 2007
Rich Lafferty

The way the sign in their window talks about “the BAKERY” and “the CAFE” makes me think that Baker St. is just going to get the bakery/takeout part, with the cafe part heading to the Hinton spot.

5 07 2007

I walked the Hinton Street strip between Spenser and Wellington and didn’t see anything except Monty’s is closed and gutted again. Is this where they’re looking to set up shop?

Hope they get a sandwich board (no pun intended) to direct passers-by off of Wellington, though the smell of fresh baked bread might do the trick too!

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